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Frequently Asked Questions

Why e-bikes?

Electric bikes help riders of all skill levels enjoy the mountains of NC. Gravel road terrain in Nantahala can prove difficult on a traditional bicycle. Utilizing e-bike technology makes these scenic routes more accessible and, we think, more enjoyable! Nantahala Adventure e-bike tours allow users to enjoy the unmatched scenery without the noise and fumes from a traditional car or motorcycle.


Where are you located?

Nantahala Adventures is located in the heart of the Nantahala National Forest. Our E-Bike Tours begin at various USFS back-roads around Topton, NC. Centrally located to many Western NC towns: all of our tour routes are less than 35 miles from Bryson City, Franklin, and Murphy, NC. Our closest town is Andrews, NC. Each tour has a unique starting  point, which participants will receive detailed directions via email upon booking confirmation.

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Who can ride?

NC Law requires riders of electric assisted bicycles to be 16 years or older. Riders under 18 years of age should have consent from a legal guardian, with a liability waiver signed by said guardian. Please bring a valid form of identification to your tour ride. 

Avid and newbie cyclists can both enjoy this tour; as our bikes have seven (7) pedal-assist modes and a hand throttle allowing users to get as much, or little, of a workout as desired. 

Are e-bikes hard to ride?

If you are accustomed to riding a traditional bicycle, an e-bike will prove an easy transition. Our electric bicycles have adjustable seat posts to accommodate a variety of rider heights. There will be a safety and demo overview prior to the ride and our guide will be there along the way to offer tips for new riders. The benefit of a guide is gauging the groups skill level and recommending routes and speeds appropriate for all guests. 

Safety Briefing

What should I bring?

Dress in layers (yes - even in the summer) and wear close-toed shoes. All guests are provided a helmet. Bikes are fitted with a back rack (which guests can use to tie down small backpacks, etc.), small handle bar bag (perfect for small snacks and keys), cell phone mount, and water bottle holder.

The guide carries a Medical Safety Kit on all trips, but please bring any specific medication needed and tell your guide. 

Make sure you have a valid drivers ID, and have signed our liability waiver, and medical release form. Extras will be available for signing prior to trip.

E-bike specifications

Nantahala Adventures is outfitted with Magicycle 52-V step-through e-bikes. The bikes can accommodate rider heights from 5'3'' to 6'4'' and up to 325lbs. The rider can choose the level of assistance desired from the electric motor with seven (7) settings, or utilize the hand throttle. The top speed is 20mph. With 4-inch wide tires, fenders, a padded seat and handles the Magicycle e-bike will give guests a superior ride! 

Tune up
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